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Automatic device to dose the pastries

Imagine you want to buy in a hypermarket e.g. your favourite fresh pastries. Instead of reaching them with bare hands or with gloves, you can use an automatic machine and select the required amount of e. g. rolls. The required amount of rolls will be simply dosed by the automatic machine into a bag, pack them and sticks a bar code.

We changed this imagination into reality and created unique solution which is a novelty worldwide. All machine parts are produced from hygienically unobjectionable and the operators may simply observe the process of pastries dosing. It does not matter, if it is the question of rolls bagels or seed-cakes because the machine may be adjusted to other dimension or form of pastries very simply. The machine is filled towards the height and so it does not need any large place. It keeps the pastries fresh as long as possible and it is possible to keep them on the pre-programmed temperature.

The main advantage of the machine is that it prevents from direct contact of customers with pastries before and during selling them.

The machine spares much floor space because the ground plan of this machine is smaller than the surface on which the crates with pastries to be sold are located with the same amount and volume of pastries.
Image 1We offered the automatic device to dose the pastries when selling them. The device is produced from materials which are certified for the contact with food. The device in its basic configuration consists of reservoir, dosing device and EAN printer. The control is very simple, through anti-vandal push-buttons and the offer is generated in fully graphical black-white display and in language possibilities: SK, CZ, DE, AU, PL, UA, RU, RO.

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