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Have you bought pastries?


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Have you bought pastries in a food store? Did somebody catch them previously? Was it unpleasant for you?

Non-package pastries are sold in food stores in open boxes. Customers are informed that they are obliged to use hygienic gloves or pliers when handling and taking the pastries, but, do it all of customers ultimately? Are you sure that the pastries were not touched with people having dirty hands? It is enough that only one customer fails to use the hygienic was to take pastries and the effort of all other people is useless.

Many customers are afraid to buy non-packaged pastries because of non-hygienic sales method and unsuitable assurance by the vendors.

Can you imagine the consequences if somebody infected pastries by negligence which you want to buy?

What does prescribe the Law?

Image 1Even in the Law No. 114/2010 of the Code it is directly prescribed in § 12 Section 1 Letter f) that the food vendors are obliged, to assure hygienic sales of non-packaged pastries through technical means and technical devices. Until now, none existed.

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Then and NowThen and Now

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..:: Year 2010::..

Bread and pastries in Slovakia? Packaged only
Please, give me the dark bread with well-done crust, rather the second one from right, it seems to be more crispy. Exactly in this manner, the people will buy bread or pastries in all stores.

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Perhaps the pastries from the crate will not be offered by stores
since May, the non-packaged pastries shall be in covered boxes. The majority of stores will have them in stores later.

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Pravda test: How the pastries are sold by new manner
New rules when buying pastries in Slovak stores valid already third week. Although the original proposal of Agriculture Ministry related to sales of non-packaged brad or rolls from behind a shop board was not released, the conditions are tightened and since May rolls shall be sold in covered boxes or through the pastries dosing machines.

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..:: year 2013 ::..

In food stores, the pastries are touched with bare hands. Here a hidden camera
People touch with bare hands first the chemically treated fruits and then pastries. Sometimes it is better not to know it! We show you how is the actual hygiene of foods in stores.

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Jahnátek want that a supervision person observe if people do not touch the pastries by bare hands
The vendors area afraid that a shop-board method of pastries sales is to be introduced. The Agricultural Ministry says, that it wants that the people touch the pastries by gloves or pliers.

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Re-baked bagels or supervision when taking the pastries. Five changes when selling the pastries.
Decree proposal related to pastries may change our habits when buying the pastries, it will be valid in a three quarter of a year assumedly.

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..:: year 2014 ::..

As fresh pastries, only non- pre-backed pastries may be sold
Pastries which are produced on other place than bakery by re-baking from pre-baked or frozen semi-finished product shall be marked visibly on the place of offering them for sales.

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