Patent Pending - Technical parameters of the device
Patent Pending
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Device for hygienic dispensing and packaging prepacked bakery products


Technical parameters of the device

will be listed utility models industrial property office of the Slovak Republic under number 6590, protected by patent protection in other countries

hygienic handling the bulk bakery products with self-service customers

efficient storage making bread zaberiepodstatne less floor space per square meter

hygienic storage bakery products from time to time after filling the sale

counting the number purchased pastries and light blocking by EAN code

Automation sales provide education and communication customer service and rich statistical information for the seller of bread

Price on request
Dimensions HxWxD: 2230x1100x830mm

Weight 210 kg

Input power 230V / 50Hz

The average speed of issuance:
2,9sek. / Croissant | 1,5sek. / Bun

Cylinder capacity:
510 liters (about 1200 croissants)

interface language: SK, CZ, HU, DE, PL

Maximum capacity of mass production facilities 2p / day.

Device is CE certified.

Materials used in the device is industrially rated as high quality.

Materials that come into contact with the rolls are suitable for food contact.
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